The Temple at Secret Garden Party grew out of a different approach to UK festivals, through this project we are trying to explore a more holistic approach to the idea of how people interact and create conversations.  The beautiful setting of the site centred within a new lake we built a two storey simple cantilevered construction with shards of reclaimed timber busrting through the floors connecting all three spaces.  Running through the centre of the space from top to bottom is a void that decreases in size within which a bespoke chandelier hangs with hooks for 100 parrafin lanterns.


Festival goers took time out from the rest of site to light a lantern for a myriad of different reasons, sat down and in many cases told stories about people they had lost, friends they missed, parents they loved or anything else you can think of.

It was an absolutely incredible experience and I would like to thank the team of Guardians who looked after the temple, Secret Garden Party for the opportunity and Nic Caro for the photographs

/ JULY 2013